Love Your Neighbour?

You may think you’re alone in your quiet, or maybe not so quiet, battles with a neighbour. As it turns out, you are not alone. All too often few who share walls or property lines, emerge unscathed from a negative neighbourly experience. 

There are many that say that they are happy with their neighbours and, they too, make efforts to be a good conscientious neighbour themselves. However if you do you find yourself in a situation with a difficult neighbour, it can be very stressful to know how to deal with it.

Or perhaps, as it can happen without us knowing, it is ourselves that are doing something to drive our neighbours nuts. Maybe we sometimes are not so neighbourly and we don’t even realize it.

Did you know . . .

It turns out that baby boomers (born 1945-64) were found to be more outspoken as neighbours when compared to GenXers (born in 1965-79), or Millennials (born 1980-95).

Twenty-three percent of millennials and 28 percent of GenXers reported getting into either a verbal or physical altercation with a neighbour. Baby boomers? Thirty-three percent have had such a confrontations. 

A survey between each of the 3 generations were respondents to rate some common neighbourly irritants. Baby boomers rated each one as more annoying than younger generations did. Among the three groups, for example, baby boomers were the most bothered by neighbours who didn’t properly care for their property. 

Here are everyone’s top 8 neighbourly annoyances: 

  • Frequently intrude on the privacy of others
  • Be loud or noisy
  • Refuse to pick up after their pet
  • Park in a space that isn’t theirs
  • Leave children unsupervised
  • Call the police on another neighbour
  • Leave notes on a neighbour’s door instead of speaking face to face

Here are two major points to consider for the best chances of having happy neighbours:

1. Be the neighbour you want to have.

Be mindful and respectful of your neighbours space, property, and privacy, and of the noise your activities create & when.

2. Be kind. Be friendly. A smile goes a long way. Get to know your neighbours names & let them know yours.

Here is more information procured by with plenty of additional neighbourly information including a survey and helpful insights.

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