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Maintain Your Independence

Who is B Cared For?
B Cared For is a  family-owned and operated company in your community providing care for those in need while enabling sustainable employment for those giving assistance.

They are not a large national company with a head-office in another province.  They are not a franchise.  They are a part of your community, offering local care through local resources.

“I don’t want to depend on my children for everything.”

Focus on the quality of your life. Let them help with the mundane tasks around your home.

“I find it hard to keep my place clean the way I used to.”

Need a little help with the hard to reach places? B Cared For can help.

“I don’t always have time to take my mom to her appointments”

Let B Cared For help. They can accompany your mom to her appointments during the day.

Everyday tasks are often taken for granted – until you are unable to do them.  B Cared For provides home care services that fill your basic needs in and around the house, extending independence  for  the elderly or anyone else who needs a little help. Whatever your situation, B Cared For wants to be your go-to contact, bringing together those who need assistance with those who can provide it, right from within your community.

In-Home Care and Support | Serving: Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Abbotsford | BC
21628 Monahan Court | Langley, B.C. V3A 8N1 | (604) 510 6007 | http://www.bcaredfor.ca