Using Web Sites

The internet makes it easier than ever to browse among homes for sale, allowing you to collect a wealth of information about prices and various home features. This sort of preliminary research can be very helpful when you’re starting a home search or want a rough estimate of the value of your current property.

However these sites also have serious limitations. It’s important t understand that even the largest listing site,®, does not include every property for sale in your local multiple listing service (MLS). On the other hand, sites that offer property price estimates rely on limited historical sales data and automated valuation models that can produce unreliable results.

Your SRES® Can Help

Your Seniors Real Estate Specialist® is an important source for reliable property information. because they have complete access to the local MLS, your SRES® can quickly and easily share listing, sales, and pending sales information with you, including houses you might not find on your own. They can also prepare a comprehensive market analysis, helping you understand the dynamics impacting local prices and what you could reasonably expect if you decided to list your home for sale.

Recommended Sites

Your SRES® also has special training on many considerations that 50+ buyers and sellers care about most. They can help guide you and your family by suggesting the best online and local resources on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Benefits locators
  • Certified aging-in-place specialists
  • Financial assistance
  • Healthcare providers
  • Home adaptations
  • Legal considerations
  • Moving specialists and managers
  • Preparing your home for showing
  • Retirement options
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Specialized housing communities
  • Tax advisors

Some of these resources can be accessed through, a consumer-oriented site sponsored by the SRES® council.

couplebanner_horizontalRosemary Papp is a certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist®