Realities of Ageing in Place

Ageing and its challenges are often discussed in clinical ways and sometimes in ways that feel a bit abstract.

“Gray Area” is a podcast that you can listen to for free online, and is produced by students at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism that focuses on growing old in New York. 

Podcasts by “Gray Area” places you squarely in the day-to-day realities of different folks dealing with the challenges of ageing. 

An episode called “The Little Old Lady Stays Put” focuses on Jackie Herships, a 70-something South Orange, N.J., woman who is finding ways around the Ageing-in-place obstacles that every senior eventually faces.  

(listen here for free:

Renting out rooms in her house solves some of the isolation and loneliness issues. It also brings in some extra cash, in addition someone is around to shovel snow and help her in an emergency. 

She’s one of the lucky seniors who is lucid, mobile, and lives in a relatively age-friendly spot. She’s been able to stay active and connected and involved with her community.  

Yet she’s keenly aware of the hurdles ahead. 

Like so many seniors, she regularly debates whether to stay in her house or go. She explores her living options, including local independent living facilities, a move to Florida, or an intergenerational community in New York. 

There are four free podcasts to explore and listen to which are very interesting here:

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